a Venetian gondola in Amsterdam   summary

The Batello foundation has as its goal to stimulate the building and sailing of foreign boats in Amsterdam.

Using the services of the gondola is exclusively reserved for sponsors of the foundation. As a supporter of the foundation and the Amsterdam-gondola it is possible for everybody to enjoy the gondola services. You can take a ride on appointment or offer it to family, friends or a business relation. Of course the gondola is also the perfect way of transport for a wedding!

If you are interested in taking a ride you can contact us.

useful information:

  • The gondola offers room to a maximum of 6 persons
  • We row during day and evening
  • You choose where you board and select the route
  • You can bring snacks and beverages or they can be arranged by the gondolier

  •  rates

    Starting from 160
    bottle of Prosecco 20
    Champagne 50

    for further information, please call:

    +316 47464545

    or email: